our Process

Our production process begins with a discovery session where we will define a video implementation strategy and create a direction that aligns with your desired outcome. Next, we go to work to produce engaging video content that will move your audience to take action. Then we devise an effective content implementation strategy that empowers your brand in the current digital landscape.

We incorporate time-tested methodologies to produce your content, and will help you reach your target audience on their platform. After content deployment, we measure success with analytical tools that keep track of engagement.

Our production team consists of experienced creative and technical personnel who use the latest technology to produce, deploy, and optimize your video.

Below are a few of the video production services that we provide for our clients.

Corporate Communication

We produce video content for events, training, seminars, company announcements, and internal communication. We understand that communicating your message clearly and professionally to your clients, staff and stakeholders is critical to corporate culture and branding.

We work across a wide range of video production modalities and approaches to ensure your message is communicated effectively the first time.

B to B Marketing

Business audiences increasingly regard their smartphone as their primary information and entertainment source.

Now more than ever, it’s important to  target the right customer, with the right message, through video advertising.

Video converts better than any other form of advertising. By providing the right campaign setup, management, and reporting, we can help your business grow.


Our creative team will collaborate with you to define the specific business goals and creative aspirations for your commercial. Before starting production, we will provide multiple creative options for your consideration.

We will ensure that your commerical is ready for TV broadcast and delivery to your target online market, meeting your customers on their platform of choice.

Meeting Openers & Content

Our clients call upon us to produce meeting openers and other video content that inspires, excites, and clearly communicates your message at your event.

We design our video content to be seamlessly integrated with all elements of your meeting, and work closely with your presenters and keynote speakers to underscore their message.

Brand Storytelling

Your clients and customers are human. You need to engage them in a way that has held their attention since childhood.

We craft powerful brand stories to engage your audience on an emotional level. Through creative storytelling we’ll encourage them to pay attention and find affinity with your brand.

Brand stories, client stories, micro-moment stories. We understand the power of a good story, and can help you tell it.

Social Engagement Video

Social media platforms today are essentially video distribution networks with the power to make (or break) brands.

Sometimes effective video content designed to play on YouTube may need to be tweeked for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or other platforms.

We’ll help you reach your audience where they reside, engaging with them in ways that suit the platform. Our goal is to excite the consumer, and move them to take action.

Instructional Video

We  produce creative video for educational, training, and instructional purposes. Instructional videos allow you to take your expertise to your audience in a cost effective and engaging manner.

We have produced video for product demonstrations, staff training,  new client  orientation, and training products designed for resale on the web.

We can also assist in setting up interactive video online training for your audience.

Video Content Marketing

You know that marketing in our new economy is no longer about simply shouting your message from the rooftops and hoping someone is listening.

Clever marketers and savvy business owners know the power of positioning over prospecting.

We produce video content that serves to educate, inform, and inspire your ideal audience. This enables you to connect with them on their terms, wherever the reside in the digital landscape.

Original Programming

Over the years we have produced documentaries, original content for sale, and other programming that has aired nationally on PBS and other broadcast outlets.

We have also partnered with clients to produce their project, bringing their ideas and vision to the screen.

We are currently in production on our next documentary which will premire in 2018.

Check back for production updates.